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How To Start a Quality Home Daycare Business

In How To Start A Quality Daycare Business, you will learn what it takes to turn your passion for caring for children into a respectable business. Find out the answers to your questions so you can be a successful business owner.

Learning Through Play

Inside this book, you will discover the 7 learning centers to include in a childcare program. This essential resource will help you learn how to teach children the necessary skills they need for school and life.

Cash is NOT a Curse Word

Anthology Featuring

DeShonda Jennings

Money is NOT the root to all evil, nor is it evil at all. Cash is a powerful tool that allows well-intended people to do great work in the world. By reading this anthology, you will learn how I and the other authors use money to do good in the world we all live in.

Life of an Entrepreneurs

Life of an Entrepreneur Book - for all entrepreneurs from part-time to full-time to new to seasoned. The book explores the ups and downs of entrepreneurship from the perspective of 12 different entrepreneurs.

Girl Get Up And Move: Going To Your Next Level

Anthology Featuring

DeShonda Jennings

Life can seem like one challenge after another. When it's dark in your mind and in life it's hard to see the light. It's easy to be discouraged and give up. It's in those hard times and dark times we are stretched and we grow. It's not time to give up... Girl, it's time to GET UP AND MOVE and go to your NEXT LEVEL! Your destiny is waiting for you!

The 21-Day Success Plan

The 21 Day Success Plan is a collaboration book of entrepreneurs & influencers who have a passion for teaching the youth to become entrepreneurs.

This is an incredible book/workbook that will teach the youth how to start their business by marketing it is profiting and more!

Presented By Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood

Dare To Rise Above Mediocrity

Anthology Featuring

DeShonda Jennings

Presented By Dr. Cheryl Wood

Women Inspiring Nations Volume 4 Bruised But Not Broken

Anthology Featuring

DeShonda Jennings

Creating Outcomes & Action by Changing Habits

In this incredible Coaches Collaboration Book, you will find out how to Create Outcomes & Action by Changing Habits. Gain insight from several coaches at once to learn how to get ahead in your life!

The Purposed Woman

365-Day Devotional

Be inspired every day of the year by this Collaboration of 365 Remarkable Women!

Step Into Your Power - Women

Anthology Featuring

DeShonda Jennings

Step Into Your Power - Youth

Anthology Featuring Diamond Jennings

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

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